Local man spends entire first date trying to show things on his phone

SHOW & TELL: An insecure man with little personality desperately tried to let his phone do the talking while out on a first date this afternoon at the Tilbury Hotel in Wooloomooloo.

A DBT reporter was on hand to witness Ryan Watson spend at least 80% of the time  showing his date an assortment of things on his phone.

“Here, take a look at my Crypto portfolio,” he said, when asked about his hobbies. “Oh, and you must check out my Spotify playlist.”

His date, 25 year old Millie Thompson was unimpressed.

“He didn’t ask me one question the whole time,” she told DBT. “At one point he even asked bar staff if he could connect his phone to a large screen TV.”

As Ryan Watson’s mobile phone battery started running low, he quickly turned his attention to social media.

“Have I shown you how many followers I have on Instagram and Tik Tok yet? he asked.

Then, finally, his phone died, so he called it a night.

“I’d really love to see you again soon,” he said.