AWKWARD SILENCE: Local couple run out of things to talk about, after three years of marriage

ON MUTE: A flourishing & vibrant emotional connection between a Sydney man and his wife has reportedly come to a disappointing end after three years of marriage.

“We used to talk so much. About our hopes, dreams, fears and funny stories,” says the wife Sabrina Ross. 

“We’d to stay up chatting all night.”

“Nowadays he just keeps pretending that he needs to check his phone, but the harsh reality is that he has nothing left to say.”

DBT reached out to her husband Michael Ross for an interview, but he chose to stay quiet on the matter, saying nothing except “no comment.”

Friends of the couple have since weighed in, noting that Michael had been relying heavily on a handful of stories he heard on a podcast he listened to in 2018.

The couple are now reportedly considering having a child.

“That should give us at least another few years of content,” says Ms Ross.