Local Introvert Praying For Full Lockdown As Perfect Excuse To Avoid Social Activity

As Sydney’s Covid outbreak continues to grow, there are calls for the city to be placed into a full lockdown.

“The current social distancing restrictions don’t go far enough,” says local introvert Peter Kremer. “I’m very keen to go back into isolation.”

The 29 year old says Sydney needs to return to the full lockdown settings which were in place last year.

“I really miss lockdown,” he told DBT. “There is nothing better than not leaving the house or socialising for weeks on end. It’s good for my mental health.”

Peter Kremer also says he’s been increasingly anxious ahead of some scheduled social events for next week.

“I have a good friend’s 30th birthday party next weekend which I’d love to miss,” he says.

“I’ve already thought of every possible excuse not to go, and none of them seem strong enough. C’mon Gladys, please announce a lockdown. you know it’s the right thing to do.”