Local Introvert Forced To Think Of New Excuses To Avoid Social Activity

As the Covid-19 pandemic eases, a local introvert is turning his attention to new excuses for not socialising.

“Saying ‘sorry, I have to run errands’ just hasn’t got the same ring to it,” says Peter Kremer. “Coronavirus was literally the perfect excuse.”

The 29 year old data analytics specialist says he’s feeling increasingly anxious ahead of next week’s easing of social distancing restrictions.

“From next Friday I could easily find myself in a group of 5 or even 10 other people,” he says. “I need to somehow go back into lockdown ASAP.

It’s understood Kremer has already tried saying to friends that he has “heaps of work on at the moment.”

“They didn’t buy it. It was awkward.”

So now he says he’s thinking of faking an injury.

“I’m still not sure what excuse to use,” hew says. But I hope Coronavirus doesn’t go go away entirely,” he says. “I love the ISO life.”