Local 6’5″ finance bro with trust fund now wearing blue contact lenses to broaden his reach with the ladies

BLUE STEEL: In a bid to fully embrace the “I’m looking for a guy in finance, trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes” meme, local finance worker Nathan Joseph has suddenly started wearing blue contact lenses.

The 34 year old, known for his dark brown eyes unveiled his new look at Caterpillar Club last night.

“I came straight here from OPSM,” he told DBT, while adjusting his unnaturally bright blue lenses.

“My friends were all laughing at me,” says the Double Bay hedge fund manager.

“But there were quite a few girls that seemed really interested in me.”

It’s understood one girl left Caterpillar Club with Nathan Joseph, and actually went home with him.

“It was all good until I took out my contact lenses before bed,” he says.

“When she saw my brown eyes she immediately did a runner.”