LinkedIn adds new ‘Get A Real Job’ reaction button

GET REAL: In a bold move that’s shaking up the professional networking world, social networking website LinkedIn has added a new reaction button to give users a broader choice beyond ‘Like,’ ‘Comment’ or ‘Share.’

“Our new ‘Get A Real Job’ button is already proving a popular option since it was introduced yesterday,” says a spokesperson.

The new reaction button is being used heavily on posts featuring videos posted by users sharing generic business advice and passing themselves off as ‘experts.’

“Unfortunately our platform has become overrun by users with extremely questionable job titles, like ‘coach,’ mentor’ or ‘enabler,'” says the spokesperson.

“It remains unclear if any of them actually make money.”

It’s understood LinkedIn is now also considering adding a ‘Stop, Please Just Stop,’ button.

“We want our users to start reacting in a more honest way.”