Liberal Party Announces Return Of John Howard As Australia’s Interim Prime Minister

Australia’s second longest serving Prime Minister is making an unexpected return to the top job.

At 80 years of age, John Howard is set to replace Scott Morrison who is leaving the role after his floundering response to Australia’s bushfire crisis.

“It’s not a long-term thing,” says John Howard. “Just until we can find someone decent to run the country.”

After a recent revolving door of largely ineffective Australian Prime Ministers, the Coalition says a period of stability is much needed.

“We’re honoured to have John agree to come back to Parliament,” says a Liberal party spokesperson. “He’s already done 18 years as PM, he can definitely do a few more.”

Scott Morrison is expected to leave politics altogether.

The Coalition has given Morrison and his family until Friday to leave Kirribilli House, where John Howard and his wife will reside.

More to come.