Jake Angeli Now Offering MasterClass On Attention Seeking

The shirtless man with horns and face paint from yesterday’s Capitol riots has released a new MasterClass on how to seek attention.

In his 15 minute video tutorial, Jake Angeli shares his insights on how to get in the news headlines and stay there.

“Definitely consider becoming a Donald Trump fanatic,” he says. “Even if you have zero political interest or knowledge.”

“Being a huge pest and just going where ever the TV news cameras go is important too.”

In his MasterClass, the 32 year old part-time actor – who resembles a low budget Conan The Barbarian – admits that his attention seeking is merely a ploy to fuel his own career.

“I couldn’t give a fuck Trump or U.S politics to be honest,” he says. “I’m just trying to get some more work in the entertainment industry.”

Jake Angeli in full flight at yesterday’s riot

MasterClass is a platform where masters of their craft give lessons via video.

Jake Angeli joins a long list of MasterClass experts including Gordon Ramsey (cooking), Natalie Portman (acting) and Deadmau5 (electro music production)

It’s understood Karl Stefanovic’s ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn also offered to teach attention seeking, but MasterClass turned her down.