“It’s coming home!” sings pommy bloke who’s been living in Bondi for the last 31 years & hasn’t been ‘home’ once

FAIR-WEATHER FAN: A Bondi man has spent a large part of this morning loudly proclaiming “It’s coming home!” despite not having set foot in the UK for over three decades.

Born in Manchester, Nigel Tanner has lived in Bondi for the last 31 years, and he’s never returned home even once.

His sudden interest in the English soccer team comes after it beat the Netherlands in the European Championship this morning.

“I’ve been singing ‘It’s coming home’ since 6am today,” he told DBT.

“It’s been so much fun annoying all my neighbours and colleagues!”

But friends of the 37 year old say he’s the most Australian person they know.

“He’s got the thickest Aussie accent.” they say.

“Not only has he never been back to the UK, but I don’t think he ever calls his parents back home either.”

Either way Nigel Tanner remains Bondi’s most unlikely soccer fan, proving that you can take the bloke out of England, but you can’t take England out of the bloke – unless the English soccer team is losing.