“It Must Just Be A Bug,” Says Every IT Help Desk Worker With Zero Clue About What’s Wrong

When IT help desk worker Dean Amos was called about a glitch in his company’s accounting software he had absolutely no idea what was wrong.

“It must just be a bug, “he said. “There’s not a lot I can do unfortunately. Let’s wait a day or two and see if it sorts itself out.”

And Dean Amos is not alone.

A new report shows 84% of IT support workers admit to using the phrase ‘it must just be a bug,” whenever they have zero clue about what’s actually happening.

“I used it when my work’s website kept crashing,” IT support worker Jerry Tyson told DBT.

“I told them there are lots of bugs around at the moment. It kept the big bosses off my back until I could as someone else what the fuck was happening.”