Instagram introduces new feature allowing users to mute all content relating to Taylor Swift

ANTI-HERO: Social media platform Instagram has responded to growing demand from users to introduce a mute option for any content relating to pop superstar Taylor Swift.

“Our AI software can easily identify any photos, videos or text about her, so you don’t have to see any of it if you don’t want to,” says a statement from Instagram.

The new feature can filter posts, stories, and even ads featuring Swift or her music, ensuring a Taylor-free browsing experience for those who so desire.

It comes as mainstream media and social media is awash with Taylor Swift content as she lands in Sydney as part of her Eras Tour.

“I don’t have anything against her, but I just care about her as much as the average person,” one man told DBT.

“Instagram should also introduce a mute of option for Kourtney Kardashian.”

But Swifties are criticising the move as unnecessary censorship.

“I can’t believe Instagram is trying to silence Taylor like this,” lamented one fan.

“It’s like they’re saying her music doesn’t matter, when we all know she’s the queen of pop.”

Users looking to use the Taylor Swift mute option can visit: settings > Taylor Swift > mute.