INSTA CULL: Local real estate agent unfollows anyone with homes worth less than $5 million

RESERVE PRICE: A high profile Sydney real estate agent has begun his day with a dramatic Instagram cull.

While walking to an open for inspection this morning, Andrew Arellana has unfollowed anyone with homes valued at under $5 million.

“I used to follow 312 people, now I’m down to just 81,” he says.

It’s not the first time the Double Bay real estate agent has done a friend cull.

Four years ago, he unfollowed anyone who rents their homes.

“I used to waste so much time and energy scrolling past their rubbish posts,” says Arellana.

“Same goes for anyone with homes under $5 million. There’s literally no point following them whatsoever.”

And he says his Instagram use has become so much more efficient after his latest friend cull.

“Time is money,” he says.