Influencer Admits To Intentionally Getting Caught Snorting White Powder For The Media Attention

CUNNING PLAN: Influencer Nadia Bartel has broken her silence on the video posted on Instagram showing her appearing to snort a white powder.

I wanted to make it look like it was an accident. That’s why the video was only posted for a short time before being removed,” she admitted to DBT.

“But it was actually an intentional bid for media attention.”

And it worked, with most media outlets covering the story, and publishing the video.

“I’ve gained 2000 followers in the last 3 hours,” says Nadia Bartel. “It’s great timing ahead of a new teeth whitening collaboration I’m involved in.”

The Melbourne socialite says she’s getting thousands of direct messages on Instagram from people expressing their support.

“Some of them even asked if I could get them some rack.”

More to come.