“Inflight entertainment is so good these days,” says boomer who watched the flight path screen for entire 14 hour trip 

PEAK BOOMER: A local baby boomer has declared modern airline entertainment to be “fantastic” after spending his entire flight from Sydney to L.A captivated by the plane’s flight path, blissfully unaware of the myriad of other entertainment options available.

“I can’t believe they have the technology to show where the plane is in real-time,” Malcolm Riley told DBT after arriving in America

“There is also weather information, plane speed, altitude and even time of arrival!”

“There is so much to stay across, I was so busy the whole flight that I didn’t get any sleep.”

However the 71 year old remains completely oblivious to the host of other entertainment options, including: the latest blockbuster movies, TV shows, and games.

“We’re flying over the Pacific Ocean now,” Malcolm enthusiastically informed a nearby passenger for the seventh time. “Isn’t this technology incredible?”

“Back in my day, we didn’t have these fancy screens. If we wanted to know where we were, we had to ask a flight attendant or guess based on the time. This is progress!”