“I’m totally burnt out,” says former Cranbrook student after lasting 2 weeks of 3 month internship at his dad’s investment bank

NEPO INTERN: A recent graduate of the prestigious Cranbrook school in Sydney’s east has declared himself “totally burnt out” after quitting an internship at his father’s investment bank after just two weeks.

“The whole experience was just so draining,” says James Taylor-Rogers.

“Some days I worked from 10.30am to 4pm, sometimes without having a nap.”

Despite leaving the job almost a month ago, the 22 year old’s LinkedIn job title remains unchanged, and he’s still telling people he works in finance.

However DBT understands that he’s spending the next six months in Mykonos.

“It’s ok, financial markets are pretty flat at the moment,” his father told DBT.

“He can have a break now and by the time he gets back from Mykonos, I’ll have a sweet new job for him to walk into.”