“I’m so glad I didn’t get stranded at Burning Man,” says woman who’s never left the eastern suburbs

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CLOSE CALL: As Burning Man revellers continue to leave the Nevada desert after the festival was rained out, one local woman is reflecting on what she calls a “lucky escape.”

“I was so close to going this year,” Double Bay’s Tiffany Wright-Parnell told her friends over a vodka cruiser at an impromptu rooftop party last night.

“I literally almost booked flights after hearing from my friend’s cousin about how transformative the event is.

“But then I ended up managing to secure a table at Margaret for a Saturday lunch, so I had to stay here.”

However an investigation by DBT has found that the 27 year old wellness expert has never even stepped foot outside of the eastern suburbs.

“She’s never been further west than Surry Hills,” says one of her old friends.

“And when we were at school our entire year went camping in the Southern Highlands, but she got a sick note from her mum so she didn’t even go to that.”

Either way, Ms Wright-Parnell is relieved about her “lucky escape” from this year’s Burning Man.

“Imagine being stuck in that muddy shit hole without any Wi-Fi,” she told friends. “I heard the cafe’s there don’t even have almond milk.”

“The traffic was so bad it took seven hours just to reach the exit gates. It sounds a bit like trying to leave the Westfield Bondi Junction car park. haha”