“Hydration & clean living are the key to my youthful skin,” claims Bondi woman who spends 25k a year on cosmetic injections

AU NATURALE: A youthful looking Bondi woman has today made the stunning claim that her flawless complexion is the result of nothing more than a strict clean eating regime and drinking plenty of water.

Vanessa Ticehurst, 44, regularly shares her “all-natural” beauty routines on social media.

However a leaked receipt from a top Sydney cosmetic clinic shows she spent $25,000 on Botox, fillers and micro-needling in the last 12 months to June.

“And this does not include other treatments such as facials and laser hair removal,” Ms Ticehurst’s cosmetic nurse revealed to DBT.

“She gets that all done elsewhere, so I do not have any details.”

Our reporter attempted to interview Ms Ticehurst about her cosmetic expenditure that could rival the GDP of a small island nation.

However she declined to comment, instead sending us a statement:

“It’s all about loving yourself, just the way you are.”

“Feel free to purchase my latest book: ‘Forever Young: How to Eat Your Way to Eternal Youth.’

Despite the controversy, she remains a popular figure in Bondi’s wellness circles, often seen sipping her infused water between discreet visits to her clinic.