George Pell Fined $1k For Breaching Social Distancing Rules After Loitering Unnecessarily

Hours after his release from a Geelong prison today, Cardinal George Pell has been fined $1000 for loitering unnecessarily in a local park.

“Mr Pell was seen by police loitering near a children’s playground,” says Victoria’s police Commissioner Dan Branch. “This activity is in breach of Australia’s social distancing rules.”

Police on the scene say Cardinal Pell attempted to move within 1.5 metres of two young boys in the playground.

“The new rules limit gatherings to a maximum of two people,” says Dan Branch.

“So we fined Mr Pell and instructed him to remain at home at all times unless he has a reasonable excuse to leave.”

It comes only hours after the High Court overturned Pell’s five child sex convictions.

“Regrettably our legal system couldn’t convict him for child abuse, but at least we can get $1000 out of him.”

More to come.