Galavanting Around Bondi All Day Drinking & Being A Muppet, Declared Covid Safe By Government

SPECIAL EXEMPTION: Drunkard random social activity on the streets of Bondi during lockdown has been deemed Covid safe by the NSW Government.

“We need to be realistic,” says Gladys Berejiklian. “Bondi is a thriving community of trendy extroverts who need constant social validation.”

“We just ask that they not post anything on social media.”

Warm weather is bringing out thousands of locals for impromptu ‘Margarita bar crawls,’ despite Sydney’s second lockdown being triggered by the Bondi cluster.

“They’re drinking alcohol which is fine, and they’re doing it while walking around doing ‘essential exercise,’ so technically there’s not much we can do,” says the Premier.

The social distancing loop hole is being exploited by hoards of people who are galavanting around the popular beach suburb getting drunk while wearing activewear.

“I’d prefer to get Covid than be denied my busy and active social life,” said one Bondi local after drinking their fourth Margarita while walking up and down Campbell Parade.

“The fear of potentially missing out and losing social credibility outweighs my fear of Covid.”

More to come.