Pub Closures Lead Federal Government To Urge Australian Families To Play Two-Up At Home

The federal government says the closure of all pubs and clubs around the country should not stop Australians from playing two-up this Anzac day.

The gaming minister is urging Australian families to play at home.

“This is an important Anzac Day Tradition,” says minister Duncan Hazzard. “It’s a tribute to Aussie diggers that we must maintain, even in isolation.”

Canberra has issued a set of guidelines to ensure that families ‘gamble responsibly.’

“We’re happy for children to get involved,” says Duncan Hazzard. “But please ensure children under 18 do not consume any alcohol.”

Canberra has also capped Anzac Day losses for minors at $35.

“This is not a chance for parents to fleece youngsters of all their pocket money,” says the gaming minister. “We want this to be an enjoyable experience for all generations.”

And he’s asking all family members to ensure they stay 1.5 metres apart all times.