#EXCLUSIVE: Qantas’ strict no pets in cabin policy relaxed exclusively for Albo and his dog

SPIRIT OF AUSTRALIA: In a groundbreaking and controversial move, Qantas has relaxed its longstanding no-pet in cabin policy for Australia’s PM and his beloved canine Toto.

“We believe in a fair go for all,” says Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, “Well, I mean, all who run the country and have adorable pets.”

Unless pets are service animals, they are strictly limited to cargo areas. However today Albo’s dog Toto had her very own seat on a Qantas business class flight to Auckland.

“Thank you Alan for making this possible,” says the PM. “As you all know, i’d take Toto everywhere if I could.”

The airline served Toto gourmet dog treats, a selection of squeaky toys, and offered her an inflight doggy relaxation playlist.

Critics say it’s a clear example of preferential treatment.

“It’s payback for the PM’s recent move to protect Qantas by blocking Qatar Airways from entering the Australian market,” says the opposition leader.

“But if Qantas is taking requests, I’ve got a goldfish that loves a good adventure.”