Elderly American Man Loses Job & Gets Evicted From House After Contracting Covid-19

An elderly American man has been left unemployed and homeless after breaking social distancing rules while infected with Covid-19.

“It’s a complete overreaction,” says the 74 year old. “I plan on fighting my employer for unfair dismissal. I also have no plans to leave my house.”

But the man – who initially denied the seriousness of the Coronavirus – acknowledges that going for a drive while he was meant to be in hospital isolation might have been a mistake.

“In hindsight, I should have been more respectful of social distancing rules,” he says. “It’s ended up costing me dearly.”

With his credibility shattered and without any real job prospects, the man is now in the process of applying for the JobKeeper allowance.

“I’ve got so many debts to repay,” he says, despite being a long term trust fund recipient. “I can’t afford not to be employed right now.”