Egg Boy Launches GoFundMe Page To Raise Money To Egg Tony Abbott

Egg Boy has his sights set on Tony Abbott today after his monumental egging of Fraser Anning yesterday.

“I’ve set up a GoFundMe page to hopefully fund a trip up to Sydney,” says the Melbourne teen. “Tony is next.”

The national hero says he’s sick of politicians like Anning and Abbott destroying Australia’s reputation globally.

“They need to grow up,” says the 17 year old. “Nothing a few more eggs can’t fix.”

So far he’s raised $63 for his GoFundMe page.

A seperate GoFundMe page set up by Egg Boy fans has raised almost $30,000 to help cover court costs.

“Who knows how much money can be raised,” says Egg Boy. “Let me know who you want me to smash after Abbott.”

More to come.