Eastern suburbs socialite at son’s 21st birthday posts more photos of herself, than of her son

IT GIRL: A Sydney woman is being accused of hijacking her son’s 21st birthday party on the weekend, by relentlessly posting photos of herself.
Dressed in designer clothes, Valerie McDonald-Henry posted 14 videos of herself across her social media, compared to only 3 images of her son.
“To be honest, she was lucky she was even invited,” the son told DBT. “So yeah it was a bit sad that she tried stealing the spotlight.”
In one image posted to Ms Mcdonald-Henry’s Instagram, her son could be seen in the background and completely out of focus.
“Happy 21st darling, tonight is all about you,” she captioned the photo.
DBT contacted Ms Mcdonald-Henry for an interview, but she declined, sending us a short statement instead.
“I’m just giving my followers what they want,” it said.