Eastern suburbs P-plater relegated to driving her dad’s Porsche Cayenne after totalling her BMW X6

FALL FROM GRACE: A Vaucluse teenager is suffering a major setback after crashing her $250,000 BMW X6.

Tiffany Pilger escaped the accident unharmed, but her ego is badly bruised after being forced to drive her dad’s Porsche Cayenne, worth only $148,000.

“I can’t believe this is happening to me,” the eighteen year old P-plater told DBT.

“I don’t even like Porsche’s. It’s actually embarrassing to be seen in that thing.”

Her woes began yesterday morning, as she drove her BMW X6 to Westfield Bondi Junction.

“I was navigating some winding streets in Rose Bay when I lost control and hit a tree!” she said.

Her car was left a complete write-off, but the worst was yet to come.

“When I got home I told dad to buy me a new BMW asap, but he said I’d need to drive his Porsche instead. What an absolute joke!”

Fortunately for her father, he has a small fleet of luxury cars which he can drive.

It remains unclear how long Tiffany Pilger will be forced to drive the Porsche, but DBT will keep you updated with any developments.