HOWZIT BRU: Man maintains thick South African accent, despite coming to Australia as a baby, in 1978

JUST NOW: A 46 year old Sydney man has miraculously maintained his South African accent, despite only living overseas briefly as a baby.

Gavin Michaels came to Australia from Cape Town when he was only one year old, and he’s been living in Sydney’s east ever since.

“I’m not actually sure why I have this accent still,” says the Dover Heights resident. “It’s just the way I speak. Some things you cant change.”

But accent experts are questioning how he still carries the accent so strongly.

“If he came to Australia when he was 18 or older, then I’d understand,” says linguistic specialist Ray Maddock. “Maybe he’s putting it on a bit?”

Those are claims Michaels denies.

“In my circles a lot of people speak with this accent, even if they were born here. There’s no stopping it just now. Also please don’t try to tell me how I can, or can’t talk.”