Double Bay woman wears North Face puffer jacket to help brave the cooler climates inside Woolworths

URBAN ADVENTURE: Puffer jacket season has come early for one Double Bay woman.

Sally Riley normally gets her groceries delivered, but today, after running out of bottled water and organic yoghurt, she was forced to brave the cool climates of her local Woolworths.

“The meat and dairy sections are the worst,” the 29 year old told DBT.

“But sometimes in life you really need to step outside of your comfort zone.”

Ms Riley wore her North Face puffer jacket, typically reserved for sub-zero temperatures.

She paired the jacket with a black turtleneck sweater and beige corduroy pants.

“I’m pretty much ready for anything in this gear,” she says.

Sally Riley’s choice of attire did not go unnoticed by her fellow shoppers.

“If she thinks Woolies is cold, she should try waiting for the bus at 5.30am in Katoomba,” said one onlooker.