Double Bay fboy embracing online sexual health testing, to avoid cringe worthy doctor appointments

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: In a move that has shocked absolutely no one, a Double Bay fboy and run club enthusiast has found a way to bypass embarrassing doctors appointments by doing his sexual health testing online.

“It’s an absolute game changer,” Jack Pascoe told DBT.

“I take my Stigma Health online referral to a pathology collection centre and get tested, and then my confidential test results are sent straight to my phone.”

“No awkward chat about sexually transmitted infections with my GP while he’s checking out my junk!”

Jack Pascoe has long been known for his carefree attitude towards dating and his aversion to commitment.

But when it comes to his sexual health, he’s surprisingly responsible.

“I’ve updated my bio on Hinge to say I’m STI free!” he says.

To get your online sexual health test visit: