“Never give strangers your phone number,” says mum who shares home address on FB marketplace

SECURITY FLAW: A Sydney mum is dishing out some contradictory security advice to her teenage daughters.

“Never give strangers your phone number,” says mother Heather Stanley. “And always make your instagram account private.”

“If you don’t, creepy men might follow you and then find you.”

Her view is at odds with the fact that she gives out the home address willy nilly to strangers on Facebook marketplace.

“Yes but that’s different,” says Heather Stanley. “The strangers on Facebook marketplace are coming over to buy things.”

Ms Stanley’s daughter appears confused about how $10 for an old shirt warrants sharing their address.

“I guess it’s just boomer mentality,” she says. “I guess I’m just going to have to move out of home if I truly want to be safe.”