Domestic Tourism To Byron Bay Plunges After Zac Efron Gets Girlfriend

Byron Bay’s tourism industry is bracing for the worst, after Zac Efron announced he’s no longer single.

Efron went public last week on his relationship with local waitress Vanessa Valladares.

“Immediately people started cancelling their trips to Byron Bay and hotel occupancy rates plunged to just 20%,” says Greg Staggard from the local Chamber of Commerce.

Byron Bay’s tourism industry is also feeling the big impact of current interstate and international border closures.

“The local industry is basically on its knees,” says Greg Staggard.

“And with Zac Efron off the market, we’re noticing a lot of Sydney people are now just happy to go to Jervis Bay or the Blue Mountains instead.”

“I’ve canceled my trip to Byron, says one Sydney woman. “There is literally no point going there anymore.”

“Byron Bay’s main street looks like a ghost town,” say locals.

But the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce says it plans to fight back.

“We want to stay competitive as a NSW tourism destination, and we are desperately hoping that Zac becomes single again.”