Divorcee CEO demanding return to office, purely so he can sleaze onto the executive assistants

UP CLOSE & PERSONAL: A recently divorced CEO has issued a company-wide mandate for a complete return to the office, despite the ongoing success of remote work.

“We all crave face to face interaction,” Mike Wright told staff during an in-person meeting today. “We need to create synergy and collaboration.”

But staff are seeing through his buzzwords.

They claim since his divorce, he’s been desperately pushing for return to office so he can try to crack onto the employees.

“He’s a major creep,” said one unnamed executive assistant.

“He texts me at strange times and asks me to come into his office regularly, and I’m not even his EA! It’s absolutely chronic.”

Sources say his office – previously adorned with family photos – now boasts a mini bar and a suspiciously oversized couch.

It’s understood he’s also been using LinkedIn inappropriately.

“He’s using it like Tinder or Hinge,” says one woman who works in the same industry for a different company.

“I’ve heard he’s been sliding into people’s LinkedIn DM’s like there’s no tomorrow.”