Divorce Rates Plummet In Sydney’s East As Cosmetic Clinics Reopen: Report

COUPLE’S GOALS: The reopening of cosmetic clinics in Sydney’s east has triggered a significant drop in the number of couples filing for divorce, according to a new report.

The NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages says divorce rates in the area are down more than 61% since the end of lockdown.

“During lockdown we both found it hard to be attracted to each other without our regular facials, fillers and tanning treatments,” says one Darling Point husband.

“We were about to go to therapy, but then the cosmetic clinics reopened and now we’ve got our spark back!”

The NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages says its new report confirms that cosmetic clinics and beauty salons are crucial for maintaining relationship stability.

“Our research shows the heavy impact clinic closures had on families throughout the eastern suburbs,” says the Registry’s Peter Tanner.

“And we’re advising the NSW government to re-classify them as essential services so they never close again.”