Daniel Andrews Blamed For Sharp Decline In Demand For North Face Clothing

The Victorian Premier is being blamed for a dramatic fall in sales of North Face clothing and outdoor equipment.

Daniel Andrews often wears a North Face jacket to his daily Covid press conferences.

The US brand says the impact has been negative.

“Sales in Australia are down by 64% over the last 3 months,” says North Face CEO Will Farrow. “Our brand is constantly being associated with bad news about Covid in Victoria.”

“To be honest, we really don’t understand why a state Premier would wear branded clothing like that.”

Some commentators say Andrews is trying to leverage North Face’s ‘rugged’ image.

“He’s trying to convey a ‘hard working’ approach to managing the pandemic,” says brand expert Simon Pelosi.

“But the problem is that Covid has nothing to do with outdoor adventure clothing.”

North Face says it’s repeatedly asked Daniel Andrews to stop wearing their jackets.

“He just keeps on wearing them,” says Will Farrow. “Why can’t he just wear a suit like every other politician?”

Daniel Andrews was unavailable for comment.