Dan Andrews Calls For Instagram Ban, To Prevent Victorians Seeing Other Australians Having Fun

Dan Andrews is proposing a radical new way of helping Victorians deal with the harsh restrictions of stage 4 lockdown.

“Today I’m calling for a ban on Instagram in Victoria,” he says. “It’s having a dangerously negative effect on the mental wellbeing of people across the state.”

The proposal appears to have broad support from Victorian voters.

“Absolutely. The only time I get depressed is when I look at Instagram,” one Victorian man told DBT.

“I see my NSW friends actually socialising and having fun. The most exciting Instagram post I can possibly do at the moment is a selfie while shopping at Coles.”

The proposal to ban Instagram in Victoria follows calls to ban TikTok in Australia – also for political reasons.

“We could allow Instagram back online if and when the Victorian lockdown finally comes to an end,” says Dan Andrews.

The proposed new law is scheduled for debate in Victoria’s parliament tomorrow afternoon.