Couple who spent 3 hours choosing TV show, both scrolling Instagram after 11th minute

SPOILT FOR CHOICE: A frustrated and exhaustive three hour search of Netflix, Stan and Binge has ended in misery for one couple this evening.

After just 11 minutes into a humourless ‘comedy’ show, both Pete Havas and his girlfriend Gabi started aimlessly scrolling Instagram.

“This movie is so bad,” Gabi told her boyfriend. “Did you check the reviews on this before putting it on?”

Pete Havas replied, without even looking up from his phone.

“No, but maybe there’s something good on Paramount Plus?”

The couple continued to ignore the show, and each other, as they scrolled their social media accounts.

“Going forward we’ve agreed to watch TV separately so at least we can pick something we both actually like,” Gabi told DBT.