COST OF LIVING CRISIS: Local man chooses career as police officer as it’s now his only chance of driving a BMW

USE THE FORCE: A Sydney car enthusiast is taking drastic steps to ensure he regularly gets to drive a BMW.

In response to the soaring cost of living, Kyle Aboudi-Regan, has joined the police force, citing the opportunity to drive a BMW 5 Series as his main motivation.

“The other option was to get a job as a Sydney bus driver so that I could drive a Scania or a Volvo,” said the former accountant.

“The choice was easy.”

Friends and family of the 36 year old Rockdale man say he’s never displayed any interest in law enforcement, or serving his community.

But last week Mr Aboudi-Regan completed his police training and is now an active officer, never straying far from his beloved BMW police car.

“Why spend more than $100k buying a new BMW when I can get paid to drive one?,” he asked DBT.

“It’s a win-win.”

However some senior police officers are already raising concerns about Aboudi-Regan’s performance on the job.

“Yesterday as a bank robbery was underway, he was less than 300 metres away doing burnouts in a vacant car park,” said one officer.