New research shows face masks remain popular, despite low Covid-19 infection rates, and no bush fires.

“It’s due to the ongoing closures of cosmetic and beauty clinics,” says Lin Harmen from consumer group Choice. “People are now using face masks to hide their face.”

Choice interviewed 2000 face mask users around Australia to find that 66% have no fear about contracting Coronavirus.

“Instead they’re worried about their pale and hairy faces, wrinkles and thinning lips,” says Harmen. “Face masks are an easy fix.”

The federal government announced the closure of beauty and clinic closures two months ago on March 25.

“I haven’t shaved my moustache in a month,” says Double Bay woman Chloe Forster.

“I’ve been staying in isolation at home as much as possible, but if I do need to go out, I definitely wear a mask.”

The NSW state government today announced that beauty salons can re-open on June 1, however there’s no word yet on when cosmetic clinics can get back to work.

“I need, waxing, tanning, teeth whitening and fillers ASAP,” says Ms Forster.