Fears raised for eastern suburbs man who went to Brisbane, but didn’t stay at the Calile Hotel

OFF THE GRID: In a move that has sent ripples through Sydney’s east, a Rose Bay man has chosen to not stay at the prestigious Calile Hotel during his trip to Brisbane.

A short time ago Chris Maddison posted a photo of himself poolside at a lesser-known boutique hotel, causing a stir among his followers.

“Chris is actually known for his impeccable taste and his adherence to social norms,” one of his friends told DBT.

“Maybe he’s going off the grid, or adopting a minimalist lifestyle.”

Others speculate the 34 year old may be in some sort of financial trouble.

“I really hope he’s ok,” said another friend.

“I don’t know why anyone would visit Brisbane to be honest, but to go there and not stay at the Calile Hotel is a massive red flag.”

“I tried to contact Chris without any luck, but I might call his life coach to make sure everything is ok.”

DBT also attempted to reach out to Mr Maddison without success, but we’ll keep you updated on this developing story.