City of Sydney now allowing double parking, but only for luxury four-wheel drives

PARKING PRIVILEGE: Drivers of expensive 4WD’s are welcoming new laws permitting them to double park their vehicles within the City of Sydney local government area, for a maximum of 30 minutes.

“The City of Sydney council recognises the unique needs of those behind the wheel of high-end four-wheel drives,” says the council’s press release.

“Often they need to quickly pick up dry cleaning, take-away coffees, or they need to drop off children at school.”

The new law – partly aimed at easing Sydney’s lack of parking options – is available for vehicles such as Range Rovers, Audi SQ5s, BMW X5s, and Mercedes G-Classes.

“It’s about time,” said one Range Rover driver. “Our cars are bigger and more expensive, so it’s only fair we have this privilege.”

However the privilege does not extend to owners of less expensive or smaller vehicles.

“This new initiative is absurd,” says the NSW opposition leader. “What’s next? VIP lanes on the highway just for sports cars?”

The new laws will take effect on March 15 this year.

Other local councils are expected to follow suit, especially Waverley Council where 84% of registered vehicles are high-end 4WD’s.