‘Business coach’ recording selfie video while driving, too busy to film it at any other time

DRIVING FORCE: A self-described Melbourne ‘business coach’ is using a camera mounted to his dashboard to film selfie videos while driving, in a desperate bid to seem busy.

“I just thought I’d jump on here quickly,” Peter Marlah says at the start of each of his videos, before sharing generic & obvious thoughts about goal setting and leadership.

He then posts the videos to his socials.

“I watched the latest video closely,” says one eagle-eyed viewer. “He drove around the same few streets 3 or 4 times. He was literally going round in circles.”

Motor safety experts warn that filming selfie videos while driving is unsafe and completely unnecessary.

“We advise these people to instead record videos in the safety and comfort of their own homes or offices,” says Andrew Rose from the NRMA.

Peter Marlah was not available for comment, but one of his friends told DBT that part of the problem is that he doesn’t have an office and that he still lives at home with his parents.