Burger Chain Becomes Healthy & Environmentally Friendly After Adding Green Stripe To Packaging

Fast food outlet Hungry Jacks used to be a run of the mill burger chain, but not anymore.

“We’ve added a green strip to all our packaging,” says Hungry Jacks CEO Joel Dooley. “This shows that our food is now healthy, and our business is environmentally friendly.”

It coincides with the burger chain’s release of a new, 100% meat-free burger.

“Our new Rebel Whopper is aimed at vegans, flexitarians and meat reducers, and it’s yet another reason why we added a green stripe to our packaging,” says Joel Dooley.

Hungry Jacks says its new focus will help it take on McDonalds in Australia’s $20 billion a year fast food industry.

“We’re excited to have included the colour green into our packaging before McDonalds does.” says Dooley. “No doubt they will be following suit.”