#BREAKING: Woman in activewear hanging out in Bondi, hoping people think she ran the City2Surf

ACTIVE WHERE? Local wellness influencer Jess Cooley is attempting to blend in with the thousands of exhausted but elated runners in Bondi after finishing the City2Surf today.

However there is one glaring difference. She didn’t even start the race.

Her flatmates told DBT she got an Uber to the beach after sleeping in till 10am.

“She only went to Bondi for the City2Surf after party at Bar Salty’s,” said one flatmate.

Ms Cooley strategically positioned herself near the finish line for some ‘post race selfies’ in her green Lululemon activewear.

Witnesses say she approached several runners asking if she could wear their race medals, but they all said no.

UPDATE: Jess Cooley has already begun drinking heavily at Salty’s, after her ‘post race selfies’ received very little traction on her socials.