#BREAKING: Taylor Swift loses her voice ahead of Australian tour, after too much screaming at the Super Bowl

I’M THE PROBLEM: Australian Taylor Swift fans are tonight praying the pop icon regains her voice after her boyfriend’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, won their third Super Bowl.

Swift’s vocal cords were pushed to their limits as she cheered on her boyfriend.

“Taylor was really going for it,” revealed one spectator.

“She was screaming at the top of her lungs, cheering on her man like her life depended on it.”

Insiders say the global superstar has also been partying heavily in celebration of the win.

“Her vocal cords are cooked and it looks like she might have to cancel her trip down under,” says one insider.

A DBT reporter covering the Super Bowl attempted to ask Taylor Swift about her tour plans.

She responded, but we are unable to work out what she did given the state of her voice.

We have hired a lip reader to help decipher the interview.

More to come.