#BREAKING: Sydney man dies of starvation while waiting for girlfriend to take photos of food

LAST SUPPER: A night out for dinner at a popular Asian fusion restaurant ended in tragedy last night.

Brigid Culvey-Wright reportedly took photos of the food for more than 20 minutes, severely underestimating how hungry her boyfriend was, after a long day working in finance.

29 year old equities trader Bradley Weler began fading fast as his girlfriend continued taking photos of the artfully arranged dishes.

Witnesses tell DBT they heard Mr Weler ask “can I please just start eating already? I’m not feeling well.”

And tragically those were his last words.

When his girlfriend finally looked up from her phone to see her partner unconscious, she rushed him to the hospital.

But it was too late.

Out of respect for the victim, Ms Culvey-Wright hasn’t yet posted the photos to instagram.

More to come.