#BREAKING: Coles Supermarket Shopper Manages To Grab Just One Basket

BASKET BREAKTHROUGH: When Sydney’s Ros Simpson approaches the shopping basket pile at her local Coles, she braces for the worst.

“All I want is one shopping basket, but it’s impossible to not pick up 2 or 3, or sometimes even 4 of them. They always stick together.”

But this afternoon the 29 year old says “something magic happened.”

“Somehow I managed to lift just one basket from the pile. A man nearby saw and started clapping. I think it might have been something in my technique.”

DBT asked Coles for an interview on they make it so hard to grab just one basket, unlike at Woolworths where the baskets come out more easily.

But Coles declined an interview, instead sending through a statement:

“We acknowledge the difficulty shoppers have with our baskets. We don’t have a solution yet. Either way we are very happy that Ms Simpson has been successful on this occasion.”