#BREAKING: Seven Network Give Sam Frost New Role As The Sunrise Cash Cow

DAMAGE CONTROL: Home and Away star Sam Frost has begun preparing for her new on-screen role, after tearfully revealing her decision to remain unvaccinated.

“We’re currently doing rehearsals with Sam to prepare her to work as the Sunrise Cash Cow,” says Seven executive Sam Higgins.

“She’s not ecstatic about it, but she’s yet to receive the jab, so working in a full body suit is in the interests of everyone’s safety.”

Media analysts say the Seven Network is in damage control after Frost posted an emotional video to Instagram talking about her decision not to get the jab.

“If she doesn’t want to be judged for not getting vaccinated, then why post a video telling everyone about?” asks analyst Tom Petros.

DBT understands Sam Frost’s role on Home and Away as ‘Jasmine Delaney’ will be filled by another random blonde who is fully vaccinated.

Sam Frost was unavailable for comment.

She’s expected to do her first shift as the Sunrise Cash Cow on Wednesday.