#BREAKING: Scott Morrison Remains Completely Unaware He’s Hated By Grace Tame

NOT TAME: A photo has captured a tense moment with the Prime Minister and 2021 Australian of the Year Grace Tame.

The 27-year-old advocate for survivors of sexual assault completely barred Scott Morrison with some heavy daggar eyes at The Lodge today.

And while the snub is making headlines around the world, the PM seemed none the wiser.

“Let’s do coffee soon,” he suggested to Tame. “If you want I’d also be glad to make an appearance at your upcoming wedding.”

Grace Tame didn’t even make eye contact with the PM while being forced into shaking his hand.

But Scott Morrison told DBT he put it down to her being nervous.

“It’s not every day you meet the Prime Minister,” he said. “I understand it might have been a bit overwhelming for her. But we’ll spend more time together soon.”

More to come.