#BREAKING: Network TEN announce Lisa Wilkinson to host a local version of Judge Judy

CAREER PIVOT: Senior TV journalist and presenter Lisa Wilkinson is set to play the role of Judge Judy in a local version of the popular show.

The original Judge Judy TV show – hosted by Judge Judy Sheindlin – was on air for more than two decades, before ending two years ago.

“I’ve had a fair bit of experience in the courts now,” says Wilkinson. “So this is a perfect opportunity to get back to work.”

The seasoned presenter hasn’t appeared on television since November last year, when she quit working on The Project after a controversial Logies speech.

“Judge Judy isn’t exactly the Today Show, I get it..” she lamented to a DBT reporter. “But it’s still a pretty good gig.”

It’s understood Network TEN was considering calling the show Judge Lisa, but decided to stick with Judge Judy for continuity reasons.