#BREAKING: Man at local run club accused of being there for the wrong reasons

BAD INTENTIONS: A popular Sydney run club has been rocked by allegations that one its members, Vinnie Silvani, is not there to find love.

“Vinnie is always just running and then leaving,” said one member, “It’s like he’s not even trying to meet anyone.”

There are growing fears Mr Silvani may already be in a committed relationship.

“He never participates in the social aspects of the club, like post-run brunches or group selfies,” says another member.

Speculation is mounting about his true motives.

“I actually think he’s there to improve his fitness,” said one of the club’s founders.

“I tried chatting to him on a run and he couldn’t even hear me as he was listening to music on his AirPods.”

Some run club members are now calling for Vinnie Silvani to be banned from the club for not adhering to the group’s ethos.

“If he’s not here to find a date, then what’s the point?” they say.