#BREAKING: MAFS producer sacked after trying to match a couple who may actually be well suited

MAFS BOMBSHELL: A behind the scenes producer on Married At First Sight has been unceremoniously dumped from the show.

Nine Network executives gave Mark Rundle his marching orders after he tried to do something entirely unheard of on MAFS – matching a couple who might actually be well suited to each other.

“This is a direct breach of our tried-and-tested formula of pairing contestants with wildly incompatible partners for maximum on-screen drama,” one Nine executive told DBT.

During the casting process for the show, producer Mark Rundle says he stumbled upon two contestants who shared common interests, values, and even a love of theatre.

“I thought, maybe it’s time we try something different,” Rundle told DBT in an exclusive interview shortly after he was sacked.

He secretly paired the couple, who immediately hit it off.

However the heartwarming development did not sit well with the relationship experts, or Nine Network executives who thrive on tension-filled confrontations, teary breakups, and fiery arguments.

Mark Rundle says he’s already begun looking for new work, but fears he may have to settle for a career outside of reality TV.